Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy

Terms Of Service


SLPRO Z is an application developed by isshin for posting blogs, editing blogs, etc.

This Terms of Service applies to everyone who has subscribed, purchased or used this application, and the user is deemed to have agreed to purchase and use this application. This Terms of Service also applies even if this application is updated.

Terms of use

Users may not be able to use this application if they are not covered by the Internet connection area, or in an environment where radio waves are difficult to reach, or when you originally use a carrier with poor line conditions. We are not responsible for any loss, damage or damage caused by the user being unable to use this application regardless of reason, or by using it for this application.

Rights attribution

Intellectual property rights such as copyrights, trademark rights, etc. relating to SLPRO Z belong to third parties who have authorized us or rights to us.

Non-guarantee / non-responsibility

We are not responsible for any loss, damage or damage caused by the use of SLPRO Z by the user.

Usage fee

SLPRO usage fee will be collected by Apple Inc.'s service on behalf of us. Please contact iTunes if you purchase by mistake or refund due to defective operation. We will not respond directly to refund.

Precautions on use

Please do not use absolutely because it is very dangerous for users to use SLPRO Z while driving or walking by automobiles, bicycles, boats, etc. When you operate SLPRO, please be sure to stop in a safe place before watching. We do not assume any responsibility even if the user causes some accident during SLPRO operation, gazing.

Change function And Stop

We can stop, change, delete, improve functions and add SLPRO Z distribution and contents without notice. Even if the user suffers loss or damage due to it, we do not take any responsibility.

Change of terms of service

We shall be able to change the contents of this terms of service without your consent.

Privacy Policy


Here, we will inform you of the privacy policy on collecting and using personal information used by blog editor SLPRO Z developed by one person.

This privacy policy is applied to everyone who subscribed, purchased or used this application, and the user is deemed to have agreed by subscribing, purchasing and using this application.

Collection and use of personal information

SLPRO Z does not use personal information beyond the necessary range other than purpose of using this application.

Personal information entered by the user is kept only on the user's terminal or on the user's iCloud. We do not keep user's information.

The "keyword get" function of SLPRO Z analyzes the content of the article entered by the user on our server, but we do not keep the content of that article.

However, to improve quality, we use analysis services such as Google Analytics and Crashlytics.

Change of privacy policy

This privacy policy is applicable even if this application is updated, and it can be changed without user's consent.

* iTunes & iCloud is a trademark of Apple Inc. registered in the United States and other countries.

2018.3.25. Revision.