Connection error

Why can not I connect. Please tell me what to do first.

For WordPress, please return to the default theme and plugin once and try. If you connect with that, there are causes for your theme and plugin.

WordPress can not read past articles.

If there is an error in the theme or plug-in, I confirm that I can not load the article. Please try loading again after setting the theme and plug-in to the default state once. If you can load it with that, there are causes for themes and plugins.

How to use

When pasting an image, can you specify the order of arrangement?

I can do it.

There are two ways.

First, when selecting a file, please select "Command + click" in the order in which you want to arrange images and drag & amp; drop it. It arranges from the top in the selected order.

The other way is to change the file name of the image to a number at the end. In other words, if there are ten images, designate the file names in the order you want them to be arranged from the top, from image00.jpg to image10.jpg, then select them all, drag & drop them in that order I will.

Settings are not reflected.

When adding an account or changing a theme, the setting is reflected from the new posting window launched after setting. We recommend that you reboot once after setting.

Where can I specify the continuation?

By entering <!-- More --> you can specify the following sentences as a continuation.

<!-- More --> can be entered by clicking Menubar > Tags > More.

By the way, you can also type "Command + Shift + M" and hit the shortcut key.

What is the specification of line feed for SLPRO Z?

SLPRO Z will post in 'Reflect line breaks'.

Can I delete the signature of Posted from SLPRO Z at the end of a sentence?

can do it.

Menubar > Preferences > Accounts > Double click on the specified account > It is possible by deleting the signature.

What's SLPRO Z ?

What kind of blog editor is SLPRO Z?

It is summarized in About.


Which blog service does SLPRO Z support?

It corresponds to the latest WordPress and the latest Movable Type 6 only.

I want to contact the developer.

Please carefully read the FAQ before contacting us.

And please make sure that Mac and your blog service are up to date.

When making inquiries, please specify the procedure up to the problem concretely. We can not deal with this unless you understand the contents of your question.